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About Us

Founded in January 2004, the Georgia Wireless Association ("GWA") is a non-profit industry organization with a membership consisting primarily of individuals who are involved with the deployment, operation and maintenance of wireless networks. Firms such as cellular carriers, tower companies, project management consultants, architecture & engineering firms, surveyors, regulatory consultants, general contractors and law firms are represented.

The GWA provides a forum for wireless telecommunications industry representatives to collaborate on various issues including infrastructure, zoning, and regulatory matters. GWA also allows the wireless industry in Georgia to speak with a unified voice on issues the group deems appropriate to address.

The Board of Directors of GWA is made up of the officers of the association and the chairs of the various committees. These committees reflect the interests of the GWA membership and the purpose of the organization. They include Regulatory, Education, Membership, and Public Relations/Social. Additionally, there is a Steering Committee consisting of representatives from the major wireless carriers in Georgia. This Steering Committee advises the Board on matters of interest and areas of concern to wireless carriers.

The Georgia Wireless Association sponsors several social events during the year, such as networking socials, the annual David Downie Memorial Golf Classic and a holiday party for members, which cultivate relationships among the members of the wireless community.

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